Monday brings thoughts of HDTV, cannibalism

This week’s devotional reading — that’s what I’m going to call “Snide Remarks” from now on — is entitled “The Book of Highdef,” and it’s about that time when I bought a TV. Fans of creaky, archaic syntax will especially enjoy it!

At, this week’s edition of Eric’s Time Capsule focuses on “Alive,” the true (cannibalism!) story about the South American (cannibalism!) rugby players who had to eat each other (cannibalism!) after their plane crashed in the Andes Mountains. The movie was released 16 years ago this week. I remember being a freshman in college and seeing commercials on TV in the dorm basement and thinking, “A movie about cannibalism? This I gotta see!” Then for some reason I didn’t actually see it until last week. Apparently the subject matter isn’t as compelling as I thought it was.

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