Monday delights: crazy-professor-based ‘Snide Remarks’; ‘Delta Farce’ review

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Monday! Fie upon you! You vex me!

But on the bright side, there is this week’s edition of “Snide Remarks,” hot off the griddle, entitled “The Feminine Mistake.” You can hear me read it to you via the futuristic SnideCast© player on that page. Or you can listen to it here. Or you can subscribe to the podcast by feeding this address into your podcast-listening-to thingee and listen to it that way.

Also, I somehow managed to watch “Delta Farce” over the weekend, and it somehow managed to be even worse than I was expecting. Let my review stand as a testament against it at the last day.

Oh, but back to “Snide Remarks.” There probably won’t be one next week or the week after, as I’ll be traveling and might not have time to write it. I wanted to give you some warning, lest you visit the site next Monday as usual and be disappointed. But I’d still like you to visit the site, regularly and repeatedly, because it boosts my hit count. The daily blog entries and weekly movie reviews will still be published at the regular intervals.

(Remember, if you get on the “Snide Remarks” mailing list you’ll get a notice whenever a new column is published, so you don’t have to worry about missing one.)

OK, that is all I have to say to you right now. I must contend with Monday, that brutal mistress, for her needs are many.