Monday morsels: new ‘Snide Remarks,’ new reviews of bad movies

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As July slips out of our fingers and a huge, sweaty batch of August prepares to plop down on our heads, let us take solace where we can. In a new “Snide Remarks,” for example, entitled “Inexcusabull Behavior”! It is about the Running of the Bulls, and Michael Vick, and assorted other stupid things.

As always, you can listen to my dramatic reading of the column on the page itself with the SnideCast©, or through what’s technically called a “podcast” here. The “Snide Remarks” podcast feed is here.

Also! It was a big weekend at the movies for me. Friday was an extremely French day, as I saw “Paris, je t’aime” and “La Vie en Rose” back to back at Portland’s indispensable arthouse multiplex, Regal Fox Tower. (Reviews to come; they’re both good.)

Then, on Saturday, I endured the following triple feature: “Bratz,” “I Know Who Killed Me,” and “Who’s Your Caddy?” I’m not allowed to review “Bratz” until it comes out next Friday, so let’s just leave it at that. The reviews for the other two are available, though, and they ain’t pretty.

More blogginess later today, so don’t stray far from your computer. Seriously, no more than five or six feet.