Monday update: Why is my Snider sense tingling?

Normally I agree with Garfield about hating Mondays, but not today! Today Garfield can stick it! We got us a new “Snide Remarks” column right here, with its accompanying podcast (which of course you can listen to directly on the page, if you wanna, thanks to futuristic SnideCast® technology). So that’s all well and good.

We do NOT have a review of “In the Land of Women,” because I failed to watch it this weekend, and that is awesome!

And finally, at 11 a.m. today I will be seeing a little movie called “Spider-Man 3”! Almost two weeks early! And it’s a press-only screening, so the usual assortment of bumpkins, hoboes, and jackasses won’t be there! Except for the ones who are members of the press! Why, it’s all enough to make one giddy, even on a Monday.