Monday’s items of interest

The final “Snide Remarks” of 2008 is, as is customary, a clip show featuring my favorite parts of all of this year’s columns. So put on your reminiscing hat!

Eric’s Time Capsule at is off this week, but I forgot to tell you about last week’s, which was “Naked Lunch,” so maybe you can read that now if you’re not doing anything else.

Finally, this item at Cinematical — The Worst MPAA Ratings of 2008 — might hold your attention for a few minutes, especially if you often find yourself thinking that a particular R-rated film should have been PG-13, or vice versa. Or maybe you were one of the millions who walked out of “Prince Caspian” thinking, “Holy crap, how did that only get a PG?!” The MPAA ratings board is such a failure that if they were to rate themselves, they’d get an NC-17 for “pervasive failure, and some smoking.”

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