Monday’s sweepings and debris

Here’s your Monday update, a little tardy today because I was finishing some of the materials.

“Snide Remarks” re: the Catholic Church’s new feelings re: limbo. Note that the column has visual aids, along with the SnideCast® audio recording (which you can listen to on the page, or here, or by subscribing to the podcast here).

I’ve recently started having a little more fun with the podcasts by including thematically appropriate songs at the beginning and end. Today edition, for example, uses a song about limbo and a song about the afterlife. Songs are fun!

By the way, there is a mailing list you can get on so you can be alerted every time a new “Snide Remarks” is posted, which is supposed to be every Monday but which sometimes is every other Monday, or every third Monday, or whatever. Or you can keep an eye here on the blog (which has an RSS feed), as I usually mention new columns here, too. The point is, I would hate for anyone to live a single day without knowing there was a new column to read.

It was a shockingly productive weekend for me, and I have reviews of three current films to offer you: “In the Land of Women” (meh), “The Invisible” (hmm), and “Kickin’ It Old Skool” (bleh). If that sounds like a lousy way to spend a weekend, well, it is. But I also watched “Reds” (1981), Warren Beatty’s excellent historical epic, and that at least partially made up for it.