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A roundup of what I’ve written at since the last time I did one of these updates. If you want to keep track of me over there, you can bookmark this page. Or you can just wait until I summarize everything in one of these blog entries.

Five Film-Related Things I’m Thankful For | Just in time for Thanksgiving!

20th Century Fox Hates the Internet | I think they’re assuming this whole “Internet” thing won’t catch on.

Money: Or, Why You Can’t Blame Jason Lee for Making The Chipmunks | You’d do it, too, for that kind of money.

Films I’d Hate to Market: The Kite Runner and Persepolis | “The rape scene isn’t too graphic!”

Will Newspaper Film Critics Become Extinct? | Not to toot my own horn, but the Alabama joke is one of my all-time favorites.

Thoughts on a Keira-Free Pirates of the Caribbean 4 | Will people watch another “Pirates” movie without Keira Knightley? Um, yeah.

Quantity and Quality: The Top 5 Performers of the Year | Giving one great performance in a year is noteworthy. Giving two (or three!) deserves serious praise.

And here’s one from Cinematical, where most of what I write is more newsy than funny, so I don’t always tell you about it. But for the 12 Days of Cinematicalmas, I did a Retro Cinema piece on “Gremlins.” Enjoy!