More trauma at Carl’s Jr.

Back in December, I reported on my local Carl’s Jr. and its poorly assembled signage. Well, the same mentally challenged manager has struck again.

Last week, I noted a sign advertising the fact that Carl’s Jr. now offers both kinds of Diet Coke: with caffeine, and without. Since Carl’s Jr.’s signature burger is the “Star,” they sought to make a play on words and indicate that the menu now “stars” caffeine-free Diet Coke. They put up this sign:

… which doesn’t say “Now Starring,” like they wanted, but says “Now Staring,” as in, “Why is that Diet Coke staring at me? Is it because I’m an idiot who can’t spell?”

When I drove past Carl’s Jr. today to take a photo of the sign, I was greeted with yet ANOTHER sign to document:

The store will be close to what? Close to closing down because no one who works there can read or write beyond a sixth-grade level?