Movie B.S. audio commentary: ‘Predator’

Have you always wanted to watch the Arnold Schwarzenegger film “Predator” with me and Jeff Bayer? Then I have good news! We recorded an audio commentary for this movie as a reward for one of our Cannes Kickstarter supporters, and we liked it enough to make it available to the general public (you).

Here’s how it works. You pay $1.99 and download the MP3. Then you get a copy of “Predator” (sorry, we can’t sell you the movie), and you get ready to watch it. Then you start playing the MP3, which begins with me and Jeff telling you when to press “play” on the movie so it’ll be synced up with us. Then you watch the movie and listen to us talk about it and make jokes and stuff.

Note, this isn’t intended to be “Mystery Science Theater”-style heckling. There’s some of that, but it’s improvised; we didn’t prepare any zingers in advance. It’s more like a standard (but excellent!) DVD commentary in which we talk about the movie and pick it apart while we watch it.

We had fun doing it, and we’ll do more if people like this one. Actually, we’ll do more if people download this one, regardless of whether they like it. But we also hope they like it!

Download the commentary here.