Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider #201: ‘300: Rise of an Empire,’ ‘Tim’s Vermeer’

[Movie B.S. is now being hosted by GeekNation! There were some bumps in the iTunes transition, but it should be sorted out now.]

Episode 201: ‘300: Rise of an Empire,’ ‘Tim’s Vermeer’

0:00-3:50 – Introduction, our lunch sponsor: Crooked Scoreboard, a sports blog!
3:50-17:15 – “300: Rise of an Empire” review
17:15-20:40 – “Tim’s Vermeer” review
20:40-31:15 – QOTW (movies that changed your mind about an issue)
31:15-37:55 – A li’l SXSW preview
37:55-40:15 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What movie do you wish was your life? (For extra credit, you can also tell us which movie is currently your life.)

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