Movie BS with Bayer and Snider #355: ‘The Promise,’ ‘Free Fire,’ Pitch Me


It’s a light week, or at least it is when the studios don’t show critics the movies they’re opening. But we reviewed two of them and brought out an old game, too! For fun!

0:00 – Hello, there are a lot of movies this week but they only screened two of them
3:45 – “The Promise” review
12:30 – “Free Fire” review (Bayer only)
18:35 – This week’s DVDs are “The Founder” and “Split,” and we’re giving away a copy of “La La Land” to an Agent
23:15 – A round of Pitch Me, which we haven’t played in a while
32:25 – No show next week, but when we come back it’ll be time for the Summer Box Office Challenge (for which Jeff already has some ideas); recap and good day

The Promise: B- 6/10
Free Fire: n/a 8/10

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