My friends are amusing!

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Scott “The Angry Jew” Weinberg

My friend and colleague Scott Weinberg has a new blog called Adventures in Moviewatching that’s pretty good, as is everything he writes. Weinberg is an avid movie-watcher, an enthusiastic horror buff, and an often-enraged critic (his nom du net is “The Angry Jew”), and his observations are always worth checking out. As far as I can tell, and considering how many different places he writes for, the guy must never sleep. Someday that will catch up with him and he will die, but in the meantime, enjoy his comical semitic ramblings, and avoid making fun of the Philadelphia Eagles in his presence!

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Curt “The Placated Mormon” Doussett

In other friends-of-Eric news, Curt Doussett — Utah ComedySportz co-owner, TV and theater actor, all-around good guy — is the star of the new Discovery Channel series “Hazard Pay,” which premiered last Wednesday. The series follows Curt around as he tries various dangerous occupations (repo man, skyscraper window-washer, etc.) for a day to see what they’re like. It’s a fascinating program, and Curt makes for a funny, personable host. It airs Wednesdays on Discovery at 8 p.m. ET/PT; double-check with your cable or satellite system to find it.