My secret shame

Warner Bros. is releasing a new, digitally remastered director’s cut of “Blade Runner.” There was a version some years ago called a “director’s cut,” but the director, Ridley Scott, actually had nothing to do with it and publicly disowned it. This time, it’s really Scott’s version, and he’s really happy with it.

I’m attending a press screening of this new version later today, and it brought to mind my secret shame: I have never seen “Blade Runner.” Not the original theatrical version, not the notorious “director’s cut,” nothing. In fact, in my mind, I often get it confused with David Lynch’s “Dune” (which I have also never seen), simply because they’re both futuristic films released in the first half of the ’80s of which there have been multiple versions.

That’s my secret shame, never having seen “Blade Runner” or “Dune.” What movies have you never seen that you feel like you “ought” to have? Go ahead and share. This is a safe place.