New amusing-anecdote-based ‘SR’

Hey! What’s that busting out all over? Why, I do believe it’s June! June needs a stronger brassiere.

But the point is, here’s a new “Snide Remarks” column, “In Which It Is Hard to Throw Away a Desk.” It’s the one that first appeared in “Something Cleverish,” the fundraiser book for Christian and Stephanie Nielson.

And over here at is Eric’s Time Capsule, addressing “Psycho II,” released 26 years ago this week. For those who were asking, the Eric’s Ten-Year Itch column is only going to be an occasional Time Capsule replacement at first, but will gradually take over completely by the end of the summer.

And if you’re interested in dying a slow, delicious death, I’d like to recommend the Cookie Cake Pie, which is exactly what it sounds like. The combination possibilities are endless! Mom and I are going to try it when I visit home this weekend, and I’ll let you know how it turns out, unless it kills me.

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