New ‘Snide Remarks,’ and a new face!

Sure, there’s a new “Snide Remarks” column today, called “Boys Nintendon’t Cry” — but more importantly, the site has had a face-lift! Note how my eyes gaze upon my own name with awe and admiration. Feel free to do likewise!

The main improvement is the front page. It had gotten very cluttered, and it was hard to find things. Now it’s a bit cleaner and simpler. This site has three kinds of content — my weekly “Snide Remarks” column, my movie reviews, and my blog — but some visitors were only aware of one or two of them. On the new front page, whenever I post something new — be it “Snide Remarks,” a movie review, or a blog entry — it will appear at the top of the list, labeled appropriately. Hopefully people who make this site a regular destination will go straight to the front page every time and just see what’s been added most recently.

(Of course, if you use the RSS feeds, you’re not missing anything anyway. But you’d be surprised how many people, according to the survey we did several months ago, didn’t know I had a blog, or didn’t know I wrote a weekly column called “Snide Remarks,” or thought they were the same thing.)

My brother/webmaster Jeff has done all the actual work, as usual. He is to be thanked and lauded! He is also to be e-mailed if you notice anything that has gone amiss in the transition, or any other bugs related to the technical side of the site. There might still be some wrinkles we need to iron out.

Coming soon: the ability to do advanced searches in the movie review archives, an HTML version of my weekly “In the Dark” e-mail, and a button on the site that when you push it a candy bar comes out of your CD drive.

This week’s “Snide Remarks,” including the audio version, is here.
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