New ‘Snide Remarks,’ new ad pimping

Having done a column in July about things we learned at the movies in the first half of 2008, it was only proper that I should do another one now, covering the second half of the year. That is, as you know, how I roll.

Speaking of movies, allow me to draw your attention to an ad that’s been running on this site for something called Cowrite. This is a contest where basically a screenplay is being written by committee: Given a basic premise for a movie, you write what you think should be the first 10 pages of the script, the judges choose the best entry, it gets posted online, and then people can submit the next 10 pages (having read the first 10, of course), and so on, until the story is finished. Each of the biweekly winners gets $3,000 cash and prizes, and theoretically the final product will be shopped around and maybe get made into a movie that I will write a bad review of, because honestly, who ever heard of a screenplay written by 11 people being any good?

But the point is, it sounds like fun if you’re at all serious about getting some screenwriting experience, and it could be lucrative. Personally, coming up with ideas is always the hardest part for me, so having the basics already laid out is appealing to me. So perhaps I shall enter and WIN and then write a good review, at least of the part of the movie that I wrote.

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