New ‘Snide Remarks’; podcast; Merry Christmas; etc.

Normally, of course, a column coming out on Dec. 25 would be Christmas-themed. However, today is also the last Monday of the year, which forces today’s column to be the annual “Best of ‘Snide Remarks'” retrospective.

The text version is here, while…

the podcast version is here.

The podcast version has a special treat because one part of it involves bleeping. Fun for the whole family!

(Also the podcast says it’s column #525, which is a lie. It’s 526. When you hear me say it’s 525, ignore me.)

And finally: Merry Christmas to one and all! I hope you’re with family and loved ones, experiencing the joy of giving and (especially!) receiving. If not, then I hope the Sizzler is open where you live so you can enjoy a nice holiday meal anyway.

Merry Christmas!