New song: ‘Not Fooling Anyone’

I’ve recorded a new song parody for your listening pleasure (?). It’s called “Not Fooling Anyone,” and it’s a parody of Daniel Powter’s ubiquitous pop hit “Bad Day.” Please to be visiting the song player and listening to it there.

The recording was done here in my apartment with my electric piano keyboard and Mac’s Garage Band software. I’m pretty impressed with what Garage Band can do with regard to recording MIDI instruments. I only had to play the song once, and all the minor fixes of wrong notes, etc., were done easily and electronically with that one recording. The vocals were limited by my very poor-quality microphone and poor-quality singing voice, but I added some reverb and distortion to make it sound more radio-y (i.e., as if the flaws were on purpose).

Anyway, there it is. If you’re wondering why I called it “Not Fooling Anyone” instead of the more obvious title that would be closer to the original title (“Bad Day”), it’s because I didn’t want to give away the joke.