Nosferatu: Ever heard of it?

I received this e-mail:

Hey, I was reading your column here:

[He or she cites this column, where one of the participants in a chat room is called “Nursferatu.”]

…and I thought I realized almost immediately the name “Nursferatu,” or something. (I’m too lazy to press the back button; bear with me.)Then you connected it to Mystery Science Theatre 3000, (or “theater,” never seen the show, and don’t wanna press the back button) although I had another source I thought of almost instantly. Ever hear of “Nosferatu,” that old black-and-white vampire movie? I’m just sayin’. (Yes, I’ve picked up your talking habits, at least through writing, I know.) …Just thought I’d point that out.

Whoever wrote this e-mail did not sign his or her name, nor provide a return e-mail address. Thus, I am forced to respond publicly, in the hopes that he or she will read this blog entry and receive his or her reply:

Of course I’ve heard of “Nosferatu.” The variation “Nursferatu” (to refer to a creepy-looking nurse) wouldn’t have been funny otherwise, would it? Thank you for your concern.