Please help send Movie B.S. to Cannes!


As you may know, I am the cohost of a weekly podcast called “Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider.” I’m the Snider part; my friend and colleague Jeff Bayer is the Bayer part. (It took a while to settle on those roles, but we’re happy with the way it turned out.) We thought it would be fun to take our show to the Cannes Film Festival and do daily podcasts reporting on the movies we’ve seen, the snootiness we’ve encountered, and the French people who have made us uncomfortable. This does sound like fun, no?

But it’s an expensive festival to travel to, and Jeff and I aren’t exactly loaded, even though his wife is a doctor and I am an Internet sensation. We have therefore launched a Kickstarter campaign to send “Movie B.S.” to Cannes! We need $5,000 to cover air fare, hotel accommodations, and daily baguettes. If we can raise the money, we’ll do at least six podcasts of at least 45 minutes each during the week we’re there. Like our regular weekly shows, these podcasts will be available free of charge to anyone who wants to listen.

We have until March 8 to get $5,000 in pledges. The way Kickstarter works is that nobody pays anything until March 8 — and even then, only if we’ve reached the $5,000 threshold. If we fall short, nobody pays nothin’, and we forget the whole thing. And it doesn’t matter how much you pledge. Minimum is a dollar. Wanna pledge a dollar? Be our guest! Thank you!

There are rewards for more significant contributions. For $100, we’ll let you be a guest on one of our regular weekly shows for five minutes, to talk about whatever you want (within reason). For $250, you get that prize, plus a T-shirt with the fabulous Movie B.S. Cannes graphic image seen above. For $500, you get the guest spot, plus the T-shirt, plus Jeff and I will record an audio commentary for the movie of your choosing! This will be great.

Like I said, any contribution of $1 or more is welcome and appreciated. And if you’re not already listening to “Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider” on a regular basis, this would be a fine time to start!

(P.S. In a few months there will be another Kickstarter campaign for another year of Snide Remarks, so if you have a finite Kickstarter budget for all of 2012, feel free to split it between this one and that one. Oh, and thanks again.)