Pregnant men are addressed in ‘Snide Remarks’

My trip to New York was fun, thank you very much for asking! I’m back now, and “Snide Remarks” is back, though it has nothing to do with New York. (That will come later, surely.) Today’s edition is entitled “Brovaries, Duderus, Sirvix, Vaguyna, and Fellow-pian Tubes: A Guide to Male Pregnancy,” and it’s about that “man” who’s pregnant. He was on Oprah and everything.

A friend of mine said he wanted to subscribe to the “Snide Remarks” podcast but didn’t know how to do it with iTunes. I realized I didn’t know either, since I, um, don’t subscribe to any podcasts. (Just not my thing.) So here’s how you do it, in case anyone else didn’t know: In iTunes, one of the drop-down menus is “Advanced,” and under that is an option that says “Subscribe to Podcast.” Select that, then paste in the URL for the podcast’s feed — which for “Snide Remarks” is (There’s always a link to it at the end of these “Snide Remarks” blog entries, too.) And there you go.

Some of you are rolling your eyes, but I guarantee my friend was not the only regular reader of this site who didn’t know how to do it. And yeah, five seconds of searching in iTunes’ “Help” menu would reveal the answer, but I’ve found that a lot of people would rather go without whatever it is they’re trying to do than spend five seconds figuring out how to do it.

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