Samir Patel loves me enough to plagiarize me!

The last several days of my life have been occupied with researching the material summarized in this article.

Basically, a writer for the student paper at University of Missouri-Kansas City, a fellow by the name of Samir Patel, has been rampantly and brazenly plagiarizing movie reviews for the past 13 months or so. I’m one of 19 critics (that we know of) from whom he has stolen regularly. He found me at and HollywoodB****, two sister sites where my reviews are published. I assume it’s there that he found me, as opposed to here at, because he stole from 14 other EFC/HBS critics, too.

Read the above-linked article for details on what action we’ve taken. I’m afraid Mr. Patel’s life is about to become very unpleasant.