“Scrubs” hotline

If you watch “Scrubs” (which you should, since it’s second only to “Arrested Development” for being the Funniest Show Currently on Television), you know from last week’s episode that Turk just changed his cell phone number to 916-CALL-TURK (well, “CALL-TUR,” but he hopes people will dial the “K,” too).

Get this: If you call that number, it actually goes to the “Scrubs” set, and actors and crew members are actually answering it and talking to fans! I just called and talked to Scott (I believe it must be Scott Harris), a second assistant director. Word has it the cast members have been answering the phone, too, and that the executive producer even called them in on Thursday and Friday, when they weren’t shooting, just to answer the “Scrubs” Hotline!

How awesome is that? Scott was very friendly to me, asked my name and where I was calling from, and when I said, “I’ll let you get back to work,” he said, “Well, do you have any other questions about the show or anything?” It was like he wasn’t just answering the phone because his boss told him to for a crazy publicity stunt, but because he actually wanted to talk to fans about the show.

So if you’re a fan, call 916-CALL-TURK, and talk about the show with the people who work on it. You don’t see the jerks at “CSI” doing that.