Simple equations in ‘Flicka’

I noticed something interesting in the trailer for the new version of “My Friend Flicka,” which is just being called “Flicka” this time. Now, I don’t appear to be the film’s target audience — I’m neither a young girl nor a fan of country music, and both of those elements are featured in the ads — but here’s what I noticed.

At one point Tim McGraw angrily asks his daughter Alison Lohman, in regards to the untamed mustang called Flicka, “How do you know a damn thing about that creature?!” And Alison Lohman replies, “Because we’re the same!” You see, she and Flicka are both rebellious and wild at heart and live on a diet of oats and hay.

A few seconds later in the same trailer, we see Tim McGraw’s wife, Maria Bello, ask him, perhaps rhetorically, “When are you gonna look at your daughter and realize that she’s you?” Father and daughter are a lot a like, is what Maria Bello is saying.

But if X=Y and Z=X, then X=Y=Z. If Alison Lohman and Flicka are the same, and Tim McGraw and Alison Lohman are the same, that means Tim McGraw and Flicka are the same, too. And Tim McGraw HATES Flicka! Doh!