‘Snide Remarks’ addresses toilets, Shrek, and nieces

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This week’s “Snide Remarks,” entitled “Uncle Shrek,” has to do with the bathroom but is pleasant to read nonetheless. I think my mom will like it because it mentions her. On the other hand, it mentions her in the context of implying she is senile. It must be such a mixed blessing, being my mom.

Does it seem like we’ve had a lot of bathroom-related columns recently? OK, I guess it was just the one about pee from about six weeks ago. And then I’m thinking about the colonic column, but that was well over a year ago. So never mind. We’ve been having exactly the right number of bathroom-related columns.

Anyhoo, you can listen to me read the column to you with my very own voice through the futuristic SnideCast technology at the top of the page. You can also hear it here, or subscribe to the weekly “Snide Remarks” podcast with this URL.