‘Snide Remarks’ addresses TV strike, coffee

New “Snide Remarks” today! It’s kind of brief, which is a good thing, because you can only drag out a joke for so long. It pertains to the ongoing Hollywood writers strike, so that means it’s timely, too! Torn from today’s headlines! The audio version is available on the just-linked page, as well as here.

Speaking of which, WGA member Mark Evanier addresses in his blog a question that several people have brought up, namely: Why should TV writers be entitled to residuals when if I, a software engineer (for example), devise something that makes my company millions of dollars, I don’t get any piece of it? Weren’t the writers already compensated when they received their salaries? Evanier’s explanation is sound and logical, and you should read it. (Thanks to Sean for pointing it out to me.)