‘Snide Remarks’; also, gloating

Here’s your piping-hot delivery of new “Snide Remarks,” a saucy little number entitled “I Learned It from Watching You” that lists some of the more important things that the films of 2008 have taught us. It includes visual aids, which as you know is caused by visual hiv. (What?)

I would also like to mention that I’m seeing “The Dark Knight” today at noon, and, more to the point, that you are not. Sometimes I don’t bother to get excited about movies because I know I’m going to see them all anyway, so what’s the point in getting worked up about it? But I’ve been looking forward to this one. Digital IMAX projection, a press-only screening, no rowdy unwashed masses detracting from the experience — this is one of the perks of being a film critic. It balances out things like “Meet Dave.”

Finally, a reminder that if you’re on the Twitter you can follow me if you want to. My Twitter name happens to be EricDSnider.

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