‘Snide Remarks’ and podcast and announcement regarding same

I hope you enjoyed your Easter or Passover or Nothing weekend, whichever it was at your house. Here’s a big Cadbury Creme Egg full of Monday goodness: a new “Snide Remarks” here, and a podcast recording of it here.

Speaking of the “Snide Remarks” podcast, my fat brother Jeff and our tooly friend Jason have implemented a snazzy new feature allowing you to listen to the recorded version of a column from the column’s page itself. If there’s a recording available, you’ll see a “SnideCast” player in the infobox at the top of the page. Just click the “play” button and listen! You can even read along! I’ve retrofitted the older columns with this feature, too, where applicable.

Now the only way it could be easier for you to hear my voice is for you to actually become friends with me in real life! And that won’t happen, so this is as close as it’s going to get.

(And of course you still have the option of subscribing to the podcast through iTunes, if you prefer; the URL for that is here.)

Recording these podcasts is good for the column, actually. It’s always been a practice of mine to read the columns aloud while writing them, to make sure they flow naturally. And now I’m finding that sometimes as I’m recording the podcast, I’ll stumble upon a better way of phrasing something, and I’ll actually go back and change the text version to match the spoken version.

One last note on the podcasts: I know the recording quality is bad. I have good software; it’s the microphone and the general acoustics of my recording studio (i.e., my living room) that are subpar. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do about either one right now. I’m going to try tweaking some things in the post-production to see if I can manipulate it into sounding better, and we’ll see what that yields. But bear in mind that I am always going to sound white and weaselly, no matter what.