‘Snide Remarks’ Classic: ‘Best and Worst’

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This week’s “Snide Remarks” Classic is called “Best and Worst” (#128; Oct. 6, 2000). It’s one of several columns I wrote during my time at the Daily Herald in which I made fun of the Daily Herald itself. In this case, it was for a reader survey they’d tried to do that had been a complete disaster and would have been embarrassing if anyone in upper management at the time had been capable of feeling shame.

I always wanted to make fun of the paper more than I did, of course. I should have kept track of all the silliness that went on so I could share it after I no longer worked there. As it is, I’m sure I have forgotten many hilarious anecdotes. Let that be a lesson to you: Wherever you’re working now, keep a journal of your workplace’s foibles so you can laugh about them later.