‘Snide Remarks’ Classic: ‘I Can See Queerly Now’

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You’ll have what the Flintstones would call a “gay old time” with this week’s “Snide Remarks” Classic, “I Can See Queerly Now.” That’s because the column, published Aug. 10, 2003, talks about the trend of gay-themed TV shows that was developing at that time. Get it? That’s why I said “gay old time.” Because the column is about gay TV shows. Do you get it?

Coincidentally, this was one of the last columns I wrote for the Daily Herald, published a mere 10 days before my services at that paper were deemed no longer necessary. That had nothing to do with this particular column, of course — but then again, the scuttlebutt is that the Herald’s executive editor — we’ll call him Shrandy Shwright — saw my occasional dealing with controversial topics as a threat to the paper’s circulation numbers, and he recently told the newspaper’s publisher that he’d wanted to get rid of me ever since he joined the staff. So maybe this column, and other “hot button” columns like it, did contribute. Who can say? The important thing is, it’s been four years now (the anniversary was Monday, thank you), and I am very, very glad not to be working there anymore. I’d have chosen a different way of exiting, sure, but if the alternative was that I’d still be there now, in 2007, I’d take the ignominious firing.

Anyway, the point is, here’s a column about gay TV shows, which is soooo 2003.