‘Snide Remarks’ Classic: ‘I PETA the Fool’

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What’s surprising to me is that “Snide Remarks” was around for four years before I made fun of PETA. PETA! A subject ripe for mockery if ever there was one, and I didn’t get to it until Sept. 7, 2001!

That column, called “I PETA the Fool,” is this week’s “Snide Remarks” Classic. I’ve written several PETA columns since then, but this one is my favorite

Incidentally, you’ll notice the date is just four days before 9/11. Isn’t it weird to look at pre-9/11 stuff now and remember how different things were then? There I was, blithely mocking PETA, and four days later the world changes. Of course, PETA remained the same; I’m pretty sure their major concern on 9/11 was whether any animals were harmed. But anyway.