‘Snide Remarks’ Classic: ‘Immersed in Baptists’

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Back in the summer of 1998, the Baptists held a convention in Utah. There was much local discussion beforehand about what would happen when the Baptists came to town, would they try to convert the Mormons, would the Mormons try to convert them, and so forth. So I wrote a column called “Immersed in Baptists” in which I gave “tips” on how to deal with the Baptists when they arrived. I patterned it after the anti-Mormon literature I’d encountered when I was a missionary (all missionaries encounter it), which is usually based on nit-picking and ax-grinding. It proved to be a ticklish, satiric little column.

I present it to you as this week’s “Snide Remarks” Classic. It’s column #40, and it was published in The Daily Universe on May 27, 1998. Do enjoy, won’t you?