‘Snide Remarks’ Classic: ‘UVS-Legitima-C’; also, the Harry Potter interview is pimped again

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This week’s “Snide Remarks” Classic is a delightful entry from Aug. 7, 2002, entitled “UVS-Legitima-C.” It indulges in what was one of my favorite pastimes when I wrote for the (Provo, Utah) Daily Herald: making fun of nearby Utah Valley State College. It also received some angry letters, which are always good for a laugh.

Oh, and while I have your attention (I do have your attention, don’t I? DON’T I?!): You should totally listen to this week’s “In the Dark” podcast, right here, because it contains elements of humorous comedy jokes! It’s an interview with Harry Potter — not the actor who plays him, but the actual Harry Potter. For reals! Listen, I implore you!