‘Snide Remarks’ Classics: ‘I Think I Need a Loan Now’ and ‘Condomaximum’

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You get a twofer this week in the “Snide Remarks” Classic series (occurring each Wednesday in 2007 as we mark the 10th anniversary of “Snide Remarks”). They are closely related, to the extent that a paragraph in the second one was a leftover from the first one.

They are “I Think I Need a Loan Now” (#161, April 11, 2001) and “Condomaximum” (#163, April 18, 2001), and they deal with my purchase of a condo way back in 2001. The condo was brand-new at the time; it is probably shabby and rundown now. I know it’s still located in Orem, Utah, which is why I don’t live in it anymore.