‘Snide Remarks’: no. Other things: yes.

This may be of interest only to those of you who are my mother, but I was sick all weekend. Nothing serious, just a cold, but it was one of those things that sucks all the strength out of you. The only thing I could muster the energy for was lying on the couch and watching “Law & Order: SVU” on TiVo. That show is so ridiculous and hammy nowadays that in a weakened mental state is probably the only way I could watch it. (I watched the one from last season where Olivia goes undercover as an inmate in a women’s prison to find the guard that’s been raping everyone, and then, in a completely unforeseeable turn of events, almost gets raped by him herself!!!!!!!! So tawdry.)

I normally write “Snide Remarks” toward the end of the week, but obviously that was out of the question. Writing “Snide Remarks” requires a great deal more mental energy than watching “Law & Order: SVU” does. (It’s probably harder than writing “SVU,” too. Seriously, how hard could it be?) But I do have a couple other new things for you on this autumn Monday.

I managed to see and review “Quarantine” just as my illness was settling upon me. Maybe the movie gave me the virus. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if I caught it from the audience, which was one of the motlier collections of Portland Lloyd Center denizens that I’ve seen. Who will put an end to white trash parents bringing their horrid children to terrifying R-rated movies? Whoever will deal with that important issue, that’s who I’m voting for. Anyway, “Quarantine” is actually quite good, which is rare for a Hollywood’s Shameful Secret®.

At Film.com, the second installment of my new column Eric’s Time Capsule appears today, featuring “Hoop Dreams,” released 14 years ago this week. Even if you are not familiar with that film, perhaps you will find the column interesting! How do you know unless you read it?

Also at Film.com, I wrote a non-partisan article about the 2008 presidential election, and who should star in a movie about it. (Surprise: No Tina Fey!) I compiled the photos, too, thank you very much. Remember that the Film.com overlords love it when people click the “Recommend” button, as it makes them think that people have actually enjoyed the article.

As for my illness, I’m not at 100% capacity yet, but I am feeling better. I plan to drag myself from my cocoon to catch a screening or two today, and gently ease myself back into my workload (which is more rigorous than you think it is, so SHUT UP).