‘Snide Remarks,’ she is new today

Don’t look now, but not only is the weekend gone, so is half of 2007! It’s July now, which means it’s time for fireworks, barbecues, and other patriotic displays — including tax evasion, as recounted in this week’s “Snide Remarks,” entitled “Weapons of Tax Destruction.” If you prefer listening to reading, you can listen to the SnideCast on the page itself, or here, or by subscribing to the podcast with this feed.

In other news, Independence Day occurs smack-dab on a Wednesday, so many people are using that as an excuse not to do any work at all this week. I applaud these people. However, while you are away from your desks and cubicles and salt mines and slave-ship galleys, EricDSnider.com will be buzzing at the usual pace, with daily blog entries and so forth. “Transformers” and “License to Wed” both open tomorrow, and in fact “Transformers” has screenings as early as 8 p.m. tonight, so don’t be surprised if reviews of those movies are posted later today.

(Private to the bold fellow who e-mailed me the other day wanting to know, in advance, whether “Transformers” is any good: I admire your nerve, kid! Ya got moxie! And the answer is: not really, no!)