So you think you can comment on ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’?

I’ve caught only glimpses of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance? Really? You Call That Dancing?,” but a lack of intimacy with the show does not prevent me from commenting.

– Whenever the guys are doing their freestyle dancing, they wear the same costumes: long, raggedy shorts and sleeveless shirts, barefoot. They look like the Lost Boys in “Hook.”

– “Modern dance” — the writhing around in semi-balletic poses — particularly when the dancers look like super-serious Lost Boys — always makes me laugh. Always. I do not think this is the intended effect.

– The name “Jaymz” is such a trainwreck that I think if I ever met him, I would only want to slap him. However, I found some unexpected glee on his bio page on the show’s Web site. First, in his own words: “My girlfriend was diagnosed with a disease called ‘Endometriosis.'” The disease is capitalized and in quotation marks because evidently Jaymz thinks it is a title. “Endometriosis! The Musical,” perhaps. Second, his girlfriend’s name is Mekenna. I bet it’s pronounced the same as McKenna, but spelled differently because her parents thought it would be cute. Did you know that having a dumbly spelled name is one of the leading causes of “Endometriosis”? How does that make you feel, Mr. and Mrs. Mekenna’s Parents?

– This isn’t really about the dancing show, but at the same time on a different channel there’s “America’s Got Talent,” which I think should also end with a question mark (“America’s Got Talent? Really? And This Is It?”). One of the judges is David Hasselhoff. David Hasselhoff judging a talent show is like — it’s like — it’s like Paula Abdul judging a singing contest, OK? There, I said it.