Someone wants to get a hold of Bill Fichtner

When you e-mail me through the site, there is a notice that says this:

STOP: If you are going to ask Eric how to contact a celebrity, DON’T. Eric has no such information for ANY famous person. If you ask him anyway, despite this warning, Eric will write back and tell you how stupid you are. And he’ll be right to do so.

You’ll need to know that as you read this e-mail that I received recently, with the subject line “contact Bill Fichtner”:

Eric, I’m not stupid I would just like to get this message to Bill. I meet a lot of celebrities at the Greenbier hotel where my shop is but I ran into Bill in Costa Rica.
If you can help, thanks, if not, don’t bother telling me how stupid I am.

Hey Bill, I met you and a friend at the Orquideas hotel in Costa Rica. Had a bit of breakfast with you and didn’t realize until later that I had seen you in many movies.
If you’re ever in Greenbrier Co. WV please look me up. My website is [website provided].
good luck with your career and it was nice to meet you
Tom [last name]

True to my word, I wrote back to Tom:

You’re actually among the stupidest. You read the notice that said I don’t know how to contact any celebrities, then wrote to me anyway and even acknowledged that you’d read it. What part of “I don’t know how to contact any celebrities” don’t you understand? You thought maybe Bill Fichtner was the ONE exception? Seriously: stupid.

That’s kind of mean, I know, but I did warn him. Bill Fichtner, by the way, is usually credited as William Fichtner, and you’d recognize him. He’s one of those “Hey, it’s that guy!” guys. He’s on “Prison Break,” or at least he was.