‘Son of Rambow’ review is up; go read, then go watch!

“Son of Rambow” was just about my favorite movie at Sundance last year, and now it has finally hit theaters Stateside. (Apparently there was a delay in obtaining rights to use footage of a certain movie within it.) I love this movie! I’ve seen it twice, and I enjoyed it just as much the second time. My feelings are similar to the feelings I had for “Waitress” last year: It’s so adorable that I’m afraid I’ll take it personally if other people don’t adore it, too.

My review of it is now posted at Film.com. We figured since it’s only in a few theaters now, it could use all the publicity it can get to help it expand. Keep an eye out for it. It’s a funny, sweet, charming, crowd-pleasing (i.e., not just a “critics movie”) little gem.