Speaking of horrifying ads…

I stumbled across this picture in conjunction with a show these clowns are doing in Boston. I was instantly terrified.

We can all agree, I’m sure, that clowns are evil creatures in league with the devil. This “Bucky” fellow looks particularly malevolent. The slogan “You will laugh until it hurts!” sounds like a vicious threat.

Then there’s this description of the show, which moves me from finding them creepy to being actively hateful toward them:

Chris & Gina Allison a.k.a. Bucky & GiGi aren’t just any clowns. These two comedians combine circus skills, physical comedy, mime, and comedy magic to create a memorable show that will leave children from 3 to 103 laughing out loud. Bucky & GiGi’s travels have taken them around the world, most recently to Liuzhou, China for their International Clown Festival.

Bucky’s goofy and lovable character is a bit of Jerry Lewis and Jim Carey mixed together, while GiGi’s school marm persona is just what Bucky needs to keep him in line…or at least try.

These two funsters will amaze and amuse both young and old with their comedic antics combined with magic and juggling.

I have never seen a 103-year-old child, and I do not wish to! I also do not wish to see the antics of anyone who can be accurately described as a “funster”! Why do we as a society continue to tolerate this?