Thanks for your bad movie recommendations

Thanks to the many people who offered suggestions for “Eric’s Bad Movies” when I put out the call last week! There were some excellent recommendations that I have added to my Netflix queue. The people at Netflix, meanwhile, must think I’ve recently suffered brain damage, or married someone stupid.

By my count, you suggested a total of 177 different films. Many of those had to be eliminated because I’d already reviewed them (including three that were the subjects of “Eric’s Bad Movies,” AHEM), or because they are unavailable on DVD (including “North” and Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker”), or because I consider them too obscure. I might get to the obscure titles eventually, but for now I think there are enough suitable candidates that are well-known.

I also had to eliminate some for not being bad enough, or, in some cases, for not being bad at all. A few more, like “American Psycho 2,” were disqualified for being direct-to-video films. At least one film had to be disqualified for not existing — unless the person who suggested “Daisies” meant the 1966 Czech film by that name, in which case it’s disqualified for being obscure, as well as for being actually rather well-regarded by those who are familiar with.

Some people freely admitted that the films they were suggesting were ineligible, yet suggested them anyway, presumably because they like to hear the sound of their own voices. You see that a lot on the Internet: “I have nothing useful to add to this discussion, but I must speak anyway, lest others be deprived of my words!” So if someone really, really wanted a forum to post their list of least favorite movies, most of which aren’t eligible for this feature, then I guess I’m glad I could provide an opportunity.

But I wound up with about 30 titles that I’ve added to my list, including several that made me say, “Oh! Yes! Of course! How could I have forgotten ‘Inspector Gadget’?!” (for example). Between those and the ones I’d already come up with, we should be set for a year of “Eric’s Bad Movies.” And that’s if I hold myself to only one Stallone movie! If I cover each of his cinematic offenses, we’re set until the year 2014.