The “Angel” finale

First of all, boo on The WB for canceling the show. In this, its fifth season, it was really hitting its stride. The addition of Spike to the cast brought new undead life to the proceedings, and the stories were as interesting and involving as ever. As even a basic show of respect, WB ought to have warned them up front it was their last season, so they could prepare for it, rather than waiting until they had only six episodes left.

At any rate, the finale was fantastic. Nice how The WB had the thing at the end saying, “Thanks for all the memories, blah blah blah, love, your friends at WB.” Guess what, WB. If you were “Angel’s” friends, you wouldn’t have canceled it. Friends don’t cancel friends.

The apocalyptic ending was a perfect way to go out, and particularly the open-ended way it happened. Our heroes are about to fight, barely escape (like always), and spend the next however-long fighting the apocalypse. What more could we want for them?

The scene where Wesley died was priceless. When Illyria turned into Fred and cried over him and said it was OK for him to die because “You’ll be with me” … well, my friend and I had to agree that our story is that we did NOT cry, and we’re sticking to that.