The latest in incoherence

Someone has posted a comment on my review of “The Golden Compass” at that is so incoherent, you’d think it had been written by Tim Nasson. Here’s what “WALLYONE” had to say:

Golden Compass is rather well put together, like one might expect a refreshing new candy. Be mindful the picture is aimed at the 13-15 year age group (which might explain why Mr Snider’s review has a bi-polaric bearish overview which concludes with best paragraph (of which I heartily and bi-polaric concur)) The picture would appear to be enjoyed by a mature audience through that 13-15 wonderment/confirming age, where at least you could argue/disagree with authority (in at least on your alternate growth world stage). Overviews should also take note the repeated efforts to sell the (untitled (at least to this reviewer) follow-on well wrapped candy for which the production costs will much less because at least half of the story is already in the can. The Dakota Richards heroine character (Lyra) has been well set, while the Kidman (Mrs. Coulter) is likely to suprise in development(s) based on the slapping of her soul and unsaid/unheard lines to unbuilt bridges. One of the most confirming scenes was Lyra’s use of Mrs. Coulter’s fly to strike back at the adult with their own toy (13-15 behavior). thankyou

Translation? Anyone?