The sort-of annual ‘Snide Remarks’ summer blockbuster recap

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This week’s “Snide Remarks” column, entitled “Smells Like Summer,” is a wrap-up of the blockbusters that busted our blocks over the last several months. Please to enjoy, won’t we?

It’s an average-length column, but the SnideCast recording is shorter than usual. The type of column it is lends itself to being read quickly and breezily, and I sped through that sucker. Four minutes, in and out, no horsin’ around.

The SnideCast recording can be heard at the top of the article by pressing the little button that looks like it probably means “play.” You can also listen to it here, or subscribe to the podcast with this link.

P.S. Sometimes I like to use pictures here in the blog that are related to the subject matter without being obvious. Anyone know why I chose the picture attached to this entry?