The sounds, the sights, the smells of a new ‘Snide Remarks’

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This week’s “Snide Remarks,” entitled “Spanks for the Memories,” is a multimedia affair! Words, pictures, a footnote with a sound file attached — it’s all in the service of telling you about some boys who went to jail for smacking a girl on the butt. I am tireless in my efforts to bring you these important news stories.

Futuristic SnideCast® technology allows you to listen to my recording of it right there on the page, or you can listen to it here, or you can subscribe to the podcast here. My apologies for my voice, which is slightly scratchy today due to all the yelling I did Saturday night due to being at a place where it was really loud and you had to yell to be heard. OK, OK, I was at a bullfight. Don’t be judgin’ me!