The very last of the Garrens Comedy Troupe CDs are on sale

About once a month, someone e-mails me to ask whether the old Garrens Comedy Troupe CDs are still available. Sadly, the answer has been no. One of them, “The Garrens Comedy Troupe Live!” (1996) was mass-produced and was even available through Deseret Book for a while, but no more. The other, “Songs of Love and BYU” (1999) was more of a homemade production, and there are no remaining copies for sale. A previous release, a cassette-only thing called “Songs Only a Mother Could Love” (1994), is even rarer, for obvious reasons.

But we have good news! My brother Jeff, who was the Garrens’ business manager for about five minutes before the group disbanded in 2001, recently found a cache of 20 copies of “The Garrens Comedy Troupe Live!” in a closet somewhere. For real, all this time we’ve been telling people there are no more copies, when in fact there were 20 copies hiding from us.

We’re selling them for $12 apiece. Once these 20 copies are gone, the CD is officially out of print and no longer available, so now’s your chance. If you were at BYU between 1993 and 1996, or know someone who was, you might especially want to grab a copy.

Details are on the merchandise page. Get ’em while they’re lukewarm!