To the person who bought the Tri-Conderoga Triangular Pencils, No.2, 12-BX

I don’t know who you are. When people click an Amazon link from this site and subsequently buy something, I get a small kickback. I know what items were purchased, but I have no way of knowing who bought them.

The commission percentage is usually around 6.5 percent. So on a typical DVD, for example, I make maybe a dollar.

But you, pencil-buyer, you needed some Tri-Conderoga Triangular Pencils, No.2, 12/BX. I don’t know what this is. Some sort of pencil, obviously, but one that costs $6.25 for a box of 12. That’s a lot per pencil. Perhaps the pencils have magical powers. Whatever the case, you bought 18 boxes, and I earned a total of $7.28 on the deal, making it most profitable single purchase of the quarter. For this I thank you.