Tonight: Eric chats with movie nerds on the Internets

Hey, if you wanted to hear me talk about “Burn After Reading” but don’t have my phone number and haven’t run into me in person, you can listen to the /Filmcast (that’s pronounced “Slash Filmcast”) at /Film (that’s pronounced “Slash Film”) tonight at 7 Pacific/10 Eastern. The gentlemen there have honored me with an invitation to join them in their live chat, and I’m told my part will start around 45 minutes into the program. The whole thing will be recorded and subsequently posted at /Film, so you don’t have to listen live if you don’t want to.

I don’t know if my barging into a /Film video had any bearing on my being invited to be a guest on their podcast, but the lesson I’m getting from this is that I should barge into more things.