TV review: ‘K-Ville’

“K-Ville” (Mondays, Fox): As bland and generic a cop show as you can imagine. There’s a loose-cannon cop (Anthony Anderson) and his mismatched partner (Cole Hauser), a gruff and blustery but ultimately soft-hearted captain (John Carroll Lynch), and the usual assortment of crimes and schemes which they solve using superhuman leaps in logic and intuition. The only thing noteworthy about it is that it’s set in New Orleans in 2007, with post-Katrina reconstruction still the foremost subject on everyone’s mind. The show’s creators are obviously hoping this will be enough to bring in viewers. But honestly, there’s nothing about the show that you can’t get — and in higher quality — from other cop shows. The series is being filmed in New Orleans, and they’re using local actors and technicians when possible, pumping millions into the economy in the process. So I guess you could watch the show as a service project. Call it a charitable contribution. TiVo verdict: I gave at the office.

(Here’s the list of fall season premiere dates, if you missed it.)