Two new features: Best and Worst Movies of 2004; Media Inventory

I’ve posted two new articles: “The Best and Worst Movies of 2004” and “Eric’s Media Inventory: What I Watched and Read in 2004”.

This is the sixth year I’ve done a “Best and Worst Movies” list. I started in 1999, when I hadn’t even written reviews of a lot of the movies that made the list. (To this day, it irks me that I often make reference to “The Sixth Sense” yet cannot include a link to my review when I do, because I didn’t write one.)

The other article, “Eric’s Media Inventory,” is something that may be of only mild interest to people who are not me. It’s simply an account of the movies, plays and TV shows I watched, and the books I read, in 2004. I had never kept such careful track before, and I found it both interesting and rewarding to do so. You see where your time goes; you become more selective about how you spend it; you start managing your time better.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the articles. Further discussion or arguments regarding them are always welcome over on the message board.